Paula Kurtzman Career Coach

Paula is an independent career coach who works closely with her clients to help them discover and reach both short term and long term goals. She works with all levels from College aged students to C+ Level Executives across various industries and verticals to provide customized solutions.

In working one on one with her clients, she helps them understand and discover their talents and position them for job search/career satisfaction success. Her services provide guidance and support through out all stages of the process. With over 20 years of combined Corporate Human Resources and Staffing firm experience she leverages her expertise and expansive network to help clients effectively navigate their own career.

“Paula was crucial in turning around my job search. She was able to guide me and keep me focused on my marketable skills along with understanding my interests, talents and career goals. In addition to her coaching, Paula re-wrote my resume and helped me negotiate a salary for my new full-time job that I love.”


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